On-Site Ultrasonic Imaging

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Foot Centers of NC incorporates ultrasonic imaging into the diagnosis and treatment of many foot and ankle disorders. Ultrasound allows our podiatrists to precisely view and pinpoint the exact area that is causing you pain. This type of imaging reveals inflammation and damage to muscles, tendons and tissue; situations which do not show up or are more difficult to view on x-rays. Disorders such as neuromas, fractures, plantar fasciitis (heel pain, and heel spurs), ganglion cysts and bunions are now viewed by ultrasound. In addition to viewing and diagnosing a particular problem, ultrasonic imaging affords a more direct or “guided” injection of medication. Injections can now be delivered in a more controlled manner, precisely to the intended location.

Our approach is to pinpoint the “pain generator”. Once it is identified, medication can be delivered as close to this “pain generator” as possible. For this reason, “guided” injections achieve a much greater success rate in the relief of pain. With ultrasonic technology, patients also have a better understanding of their diagnosis since they can view it firsthand on the screen.

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